Prisma Noleggi's rental service of prefabricated purpose-built units is supported by the solid productive foundations of the Eta-box group, which for the last 15 years has been manufacturing and selling modular buildings made according to the highest qualitative standards and using only the best materials. Prisma Noleggi's rental units can be supplied in an almost infinite array of solutions, ranging from individual modular buildings to large installations of dozens of prefabricated one-floor or multi-storey buildings (with two or three floors).

moduli prefabbricati vedi i dettagli tecnologici
moduli prefabbricati di Prisma noleggi

You can hire Prisma Noleggi's prefabricated metallic containers if you need to find an effective solution for temporarily storing construction site materials, equipment and furniture. Our containers are large (20 metres cubed) and extremely resistant. They therefore effectively protect the materials and equipment you want to store from outside weather conditions, theft and vandalism. Prisma Noleggi's rental containers are stackable and modular, therefore allowing you to store large amounts of materials and equipment using a relatively small area of space.

Prisma Noleggi Container metallici
Prisma Noleggi Container metallici 2

Hiring fences for housing and road construction sites or to prevent people from accessing certain areas (excavations or events) is now fast and simple; Prisma Noleggi rents our portable tubed and netted fencing; fully galvanised, our fences do not require any maintenance. Simple to install and move around, they allow you to seal off large areas in a short space of time and using only a few people. As they are for hire, once you have finished using them, you do not need a warehouse to store them in afterwards.

prisma noleggi recinzioni per cantieri edili
prisma noleggi recinzioni per cantieri edili 2

Together with its traditional modular buildings, Prisma Noleggi also offers a large range of prefabricated buildings with bathroom facilities for hire, all manufactured in accordance with the standard DIN 1988. Their bases are raised off the ground so that drainpipes can be easily connected and the units can be equipped with a large range of indoor accessories, such as showers, basins, Turkish toilets, normal toilets and facilities for disabled people. Our units, which are available as shower rooms, toilet facilities and changing rooms, can be joined together and come in an unlimited combination of hire solutions.   

prisma noleggi servizi igenici per monoblocchi
prisma noleggi servizi igenici per monoblocchi

Perfectly functional, innovative and able to serve all purposes, the ML 2002 is a state-of-the-art Chemical WC: a true bathroom. It comes with a screen to prevent any risk of skin contamination to the user; to rinse the screen, a disinfectant liquid is used which is held in a special tank, separate from bio-waste. Hygiene is guaranteed even further by the fact that to rinse the screen, all you need to do is to step on a floor pedal, so that you don't have to touch any levers with your hands. Size: 112x112x229 (height) cm.

prisma noleggi wc chimico ml 2002
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